Day 10: In the Air Again

Though we had the option to teaching a workshop this morning, the decision was made to let us sleep in. And what a needed sleep it was. A good chunk of us had been sick the night before during our performance and this morning was no different. It was this day that I realized why so many toilets have a bidet connected to them and I will leave it at that.

Despite feeling out of sorts, many of us gathered to film Harry Potter Dance Theater 2. We had filmed the first movie at the beginning of the school year as a tribute to the “sorting Pat”, an inside joke that we had about our company director and how he sorts us into dances. Since our hotel was modeled after a castle, it only seemed appropriate that we use it as our set for Hogwarts.

The filming only took a short time and then we were left to pack our bags to leave for Bangalore (also known as Bangaluru). Once again we were met with stares as we pushed our loaded down train of carts while in matching clothes. At one point, some men pulled out their camera phones and filmed us all walking by. A little disturbing, but can you blame them? We were quite the sight to see. Once again we were able to successfully make it to the new city with all of our baggage. What a feat! Thank goodness, too. We had a show the next day that we needed it for.

Bangalore is the business district of India. Because of this, it is more developed than the other cities we visited. Given, there is still poverty, but there are also areas that have beautiful, new architecture and high end shops. It is an interesting juxtaposition.

We arrived at our hotel and moved our things into our rooms. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful suite in this hotel though we ended up not being there much. Our stay in Bangalore was extremely busy. The bus boys tried to help us with out many bags but were really just in the way of our routine. I do feel bad that we didn’t want them to help as it is their job but with all of us there and able to do our part, we didn’t need the extra help.

We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant which happens to serve Chinese food. We thought it would be a good break from the spicy Indian food but as it turns out, the food that we ordered was full of red pepper flakes which made it incredibly spicy. It was delicious but my mouth, lips and throat tingled for the next hour.

To end our night we did our usual load of laundry in our sink and strung it across our bathroom. It was late and we were tired. Despite the Olympics on TV trying to lure us into watching, we quickly drifted off to sleep. Not the most exciting day but it was a good break for the busy days ahead. At this point we were little less than halfway through the tour and we still had plenty of exciting experiences coming our way.



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