Day 14: A Day of Rest

I love Sundays.  I love that Sunday brings a time set aside for rest, peace, and spirituality. This Sunday was no exception. We spent our morning listening to the testimonies of members during sacrament meeting and being uplifted by their faith. We were able to meet more wonderful people and to feel their strength. And we were also able to perform our fireside again. We couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Lunch was served back at the hotel, and then time was given to us to rest our bodies for the coming week. It was obvious that we all needed a break. Many of us had started to get a sore throat or cough. Others, like our tour manager, had developed an awful flu that had no mercy. We were all so grateful for the time to ourselves. I was among those who had started noticing an itchy throat so I spent the afternoon sleeping.

Around dinner time, we all gathered together in a tour leader’s hotel room for an evening of fun. By this point in tour, most of us had spent time shopping around and had purchased clothing or other items. Since we are dancers, and like performing, we decided that a fashion show was the best way to go about showing off our finds. Most of us had bought scarves, jewelry, or shoes, but there were some other great finds as well. I enjoyed being able to wear my saree and Kyle wore his newly purchased knife.

After our red carpet fashion show, we also watched the premiere of Harry Potter Dance Theater 2. Since filming a few days previous in Hyderabad, Amber (one of my dear friends) had spend time editing and piecing together the clips. We all had a good laugh. The premier was followed by pizza and more laughing as we all felt much more invigorated by our day of rest.

*Photos from Mark Philbrick and from other CDT members via Facebook. Remember I was sick that day… I didn’t bother with photos.



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