Day 17: The Attack of the Persistant Cough

I coughed all night. All night! And woke up with a throat that was raw and sore. Poor Kyle had to deal with it, vicariously, but didn’t sleep much either. I got ready and was hoping to be able to go explore Chennai with the rest of the group. After sitting through breakfast and feeling awful, I decided to stay back and sleep. I enjoyed another four hours of feverish sleep with that annoyance of a cough. Meanwhile, Kyle went to a nearby Hindu Temple and to the beach. When Kyle returned he told me I didn’t miss much, but I was still sad that I wasn’t able to go. The pictures look beautiful!

Despite feeling the awful haze of sickness, along with many others in the group, we loaded the bus and drove to our second to last performance hall, which was so beautiful! We proceeded with all of the usual preparations, rehearsing, and logistical work. Trying to help my body prepare for an intense performance, I slipped off to find a place to sleep. I still feel bad for leaving the rest of the tour group to get ready without me. Thank you for putting up with me!

Soon enough we saw the lights in the auditorium fade, and the music begin. Overall, the show went well and we were pleased with the turnout for the show. By the end, however, you could see who was getting the same sickness as me. At least half of us dancers were coughing our lungs out, and speaking hoarsely. How grateful we were that we only had four days left until we would be able to really sleep off the sickness.

*Photos by Mark Philbrick and Kyle



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