Apartment Search

After getting back from India, we had less than a month before Kyle started his job with Target’s headquarters in Minnesota. That also meant less than a month to find an apartment. We had done some preliminary searching before we left on our trip, but that could only do so much. Two days after getting back to Utah, Kyle and I drove to the airport again to fly out to Minnesota. On the way, during our layover in Denver, we happened to run into Kyle’s parents and younger brother on their way home from a trip to Boston. We enjoyed an hour of talking to them while we both waited for our next flight.


We were only there for three days, so once we landed we went to work. First, we picked up Kyle’s first rental car (it was a proud moment for him) and started by driving around to different apartment complexes for tours. We saw some really nice ones, some not so nice ones, and one that had a glitter ceiling… At this point we were getting discouraged that we wouldn’t be able to find a decent apartment in our price range. The next morning, we got an email from a partner company to Target saying they found an apartment that we might be interested in. We drove out, took a tour, and were sold. We found our apartment.


The rest of the time there we did a little sight seeing an a lot of job searching for me. I made contact with quite a few places, as well as the one that eventually offered me a position (but that story is for another post on another day). We enjoyed walking through the Mall of America, touring through the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and a quick drive by the Walker Arts Center Sculpture Garden. We also took a quick drive down to the Rack Shack for some delicious BBQ.






A quick trip, this was, but we were grateful for that. Living out of a suitcase and eating out constantly can only be fun for so long. Plus, I was ready to spend the next couple of weeks doing nothing but spending time with my family.



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