Weekend Road Trip: A Weekend with the Girls

Each year over Labor day weekend the women (18 and older) of my mom’s family head up to the family cabin in Island Park, Idaho for a girls weekend. During that weekend, we do what girls do best; we go shopping, make and eat delicious food, craft, and enjoy some R and R. I haven’t been able to make it in the past few years because of my involvement with CDT, so I was excited to make it up again.


And so the weekend began. Thursday afternoon, we loaded up our cars, said goodbye to our husbands, and drove the five hours up to the cabin. In total, there were 12 women and one adorable baby. Thankfully, the cabin held all of us with comfortably. We proceeded to unload, and made the first delicious meal of the weekend, tinfoil dinners with sausage and any vegetable imaginable. It was late by the time we were done so we began to slip off to bed. That is until we heard a scream coming from the front room. A mouse had found its way into the apartment and a game had ensued to trap the poor thing. The mouse won the first round, but a trap was set with cheese.



Upon awaking the next morning, we found that we had won the war against the poor mouse. We also decided that whoever was the last person to be out of bed would be the lucky person to take care of the dead mouse. Grandma was the last, and upon hearing her job, casually walked over to the mouse, picked it up, and threw it away. Go Grandma! The morning continued with fruit and scones, a walk in the perfect mountain air, and shopping at an antique fair where we overwhelmed a booth with poison rings, spoon bracelets, and other fun jewelry finds. Once we had bought our treasures, we walked back to the cabin, made lunch, and did some yoga on the lawn.





That night we drove to West Yellowstone and enjoyed walking around the little shops on the main street. We then ate dinner at delicious pizza place, got fudge at the old fashioned candy shop, and saw The Drowsy Chaperone at the Playmill theater. It was such a great evening.





On Saturday we enjoyed another relaxing day. We went on a walk on the Big Springs trail, and then prepared for our annual fondue night and accessory exchange. Most details spared, we enjoyed eating our fill of chocolate, caramel, and cheese fondue and getting a new something for our wardrobe.







Sunday morning we woke up surrounded by mist and cool temperatures. We made our way to church only to find out that everyone else at Island Park was there. We ended up listening to sacrament meeting in the building’s kitchen. Afterwards, we packed up our lunch and drove into Yellowstone. We found a short hike and enjoyed the view of Mystic Falls. On the way home, some us purposely drove a little slower so others could get back and set up a surprise birthday party for Julie. We had all brought funny gifts to ring in her 40th year, anything from prune juice, to marbles, to frumpy sweaters.










For our last day, Monday, we woke up extra early, and drove up to Sawtell Peak to watch the sun rise. Though we missed the first part of it, due to the long drive up, it was still beautiful. I did a little morning yoga and we took lots of photos of the view. It was hard to believe that our little get away was coming to a close. All that was left to do was clean up and pack to go home.







I was particularly sad that we were leaving because the day after I was also leaving my home to move to Minnesota. It is a strange feeling knowing that the things that are so familiar to me will soon be far away. The thing that I kept thinking is I will get back to these places that I hold so dear to my heart. Through that Monday morning that seems so long ago, I had this realization: though the places are special, and hold so many memories, what really makes them that way is the people who were there with me. Though I may be far away from them in distance, we will always be close together through the bonds of friendship and family.




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