The Best Kind of Visitors

In my last post I briefly mentioned that my parents were able to make it out for a visit. I didn’t write more about it then because I there was too much to say than could be included in an already long post. Instead, here is where I will recount the events of one weekend with the best kind of visitors.

Early one misty Saturday morning, while Kyle slept after having worked a graveyard shift for his work training, I drove to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport to pick up my parents. It had only been a month and a half since we had moved, but I was overly excited to have them come stay with us. So excited that I had had the weekend planned out for weeks, had acquired a guest bed, and decorated our second bedroom to prepare the Frederiksen “bed and breakfast”.

We started out by taking a detour to the Mall of America. How could you not? It’s the huge! My dad patiently waited as my mom and I paroosed through every store we could think of. We especially loved looking through the Lego store and may have picked up some odds and ends. When hunger struck we drove the rest of the way home to join Kyle for lunch at our apartment. By that point, he was able to sleep off his long night and was ready for adventures.



We spent little time there, however, because as soon as we were done eating, and the men had watched a little football, we took off to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I absolutely love museums, and this museum is no exception. I can’t wait to go back and keep exploring the new exhibits.



The MIA closed much too soon so we had to seek out other adventures. We drove up to the Guthrie Theater and wandered around the gardens and seeing the view from the Endless Bridge. The day was beautiful with a stunning show of leaves but as the day drew on the weather turned cold and we headed for home. We all chatted as we prepared and ate our dinner then ended the evening with the most delicious berry cream cake from Whole Foods (thanks parents!), and watching The Hunger Games. 20121220-114657.jpg





Sunday was everyone’s relaxing day. Except for me. I spent most of the morning talking to myself as I prepared to speak in our ward’s Sacrament Meeting. Go figure that would happen to be on the same weekend my parents were in town. After that was over, we took a long walk in the perfect autumn weather and then spent the rest of the evening in an intense game of scrabble.

Once Monday rolled around, I realized that it was going to be our last day together. It had already gone by so quickly. Thankfully, we spent most of the morning talking, going on a jog, and just spending time together. My dad fixed my broken car, and mom came to watch me teach my Mommy and Me class. We then drove into downtown Minneapolis to pick up Kyle from work and get lunch. Afterwards we visited the Walker Arts Center Sculpture Garden, that holds the famous Spoon Bridge.






That night we watched the presidential debate, and then talked and talked and talked until the wee hours of the night. Though I wasn’t ready for it, the next morning I had to drive them back to the airport and watch them walk away to head home. I really wish they could have stayed longer because our time together was so much fun. But, my parents still had my three siblings to take care of. Though the trip was short, what good memories I now have from the wonderful weekend we spent together. I can’t wait until we can enjoy another visit, and hopefully a longer one, with the best kind of visitors, family.



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