Giving Thanks

We are lucky enough to have an amazing bunch of people in our ward. In our first couple of weeks here, we made friends with the Tanner family; Glen and Kirsten, and their two kiddos Grant and Maddie. They had moved in a couple months before we did, and like us had decided that going home for Thanksgiving was not going to be an option. On a couple separate occasions Kirsten and I talked through what we were going to do instead and finally concluded to just have it together. From there it evolved to include two other families, the Checketts and the Pippin’s.

On Thanksgiving day, our ward held a turkey bowl sent Kyle off to play football in the 60 degree weather (a very unusual temperature for Minnesota that time of year). That also gave me time to prep food for the day. Around 3, we all met at the Tanner house with our assigned food item and prepared to eat. Kirsten had gone all out. She had activities for the kids, table decor, and had successfully made her first turkey (which was delicious). We all stuffed ourselves silly and then sat around and talked for hours as the kids played and watched Arthur Christmas. Of course at some point we cleaned up and pulled out the games, too.

Unknown to us, while we were eating our feast, the warm temperature of the day had dropped and it had begun to snow outside. When we opened the door to leave, there were three inches of snow and slick ice waiting for us. We all smiled thinking that this was the perfect way to bring in the Christmas season.

Though this post is a couple months late, we are so grateful for the wonderful people in our life. We are grateful that we are both employed in great jobs. We are grateful for our families and their support and love from afar. We are grateful for a new adventure in Minnesota. And, above all, we are grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love, peace, and hope it brings into our lives.








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