Each year, the studio I teach at has an Arts Week where the teachers specifically focus on integrating visual art, music, theater, and literature into the classes. This year’s Arts Week was a little different, however. Instead of having students create art to take home, the students painted the blank and boring wall in the studio.

Through the classes that week, students were given visual, verbal, and movement prompts to get them thinking about shape, color, and lines. From there, the students created their own poetry which then inspired choreography. From there, each student was allowed to take a paintbrush and paint and dance with it across the wall of the studio. Layer by layer a mural was formed.

Though this could have turned out horribly, we were all pleased with the results. Most of all, the students are proud of what they were able to do. They each can point out things that they were able to paint and can have that sense of accomplishment in feeling that they were a part of something great and exciting. As for me, this is just the beginning. This summer I will be teaching an Arts Integration workshop that may get my dancers painting again. And I can’t wait!


One thought on “Mural

  1. What an awesome idea! I love the mural and I can tell that you really love your job. What a blessing! Sorry the Skype didn’t work out last night. We will have to try again soon.


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