He is Risen!


The temperatures here are slowly creeping up, grass made its first appearance from beneath the snow, and the sun is shining brighter in the sky. Springtime is coming! This winter has been dragged out long enough and I am ready for some time in the sun without having to bundle up. Springtime also brings one of my favorite holidays, Easter.

I love the family time and traditions. I love the sense of rebirth and new life that is seen. But, most of all I love the remembrance of Jesus Christ and the ultimate sacrifice that he made to atone for our sins so that we can return to be with our Heavenly Father again.

Kyle and I were asked to teach a Sunday school class yesterday in church with our lesson topic set as the Atonement. As part of the lesson, we showed this video created by the LDS church. It is beautifully done and captures the spirit of Easter in such a peaceful and touching way. As strange as it may seem, I think that teaching was actually the highlight of my day. I got to testify that I knew that not only did he atone and die for our sins, but Christ has risen! Truly, he has!

Of course, along with the spiritual side of Easter, there are also the more temporal, but exciting traditions. Growing up, I have fond memories of running through my grandparent’s backyard while searching for eggs and other goodies. I love the delicious Easter feasts prepared by my mom, getting Easter baskets with new Sunday clothes and dying eggs.

Living away from family left this Easter feeling much different. I missed not being with family and doing our usual traditions, but we made the most of it. Kyle and I teamed up with our dear friends, the Wrights to have a delicious Easter feast. We gave each other Easter baskets full of goodies as well as received one from my family. And we spent our Easter evening dying eggs.

I may have enjoyed this part of my Easter a little too much. We started out with 4 eggs to dye each but I soon decided I wanted to do more and we ended up with 14. We also had some casualties along the way, which actually turned out to be my favorite in the end. What a great Sunday this was. I feel so blessed!






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