During the past few months, Kyle and I have had so much going on. From work to church callings, we have been swamped. Swamped to the point that we weren’t seeing much of each other. And when we were together, we were both tired and stressed. But through that dense fog of our over scheduled lives we found a breath of fresh, clear air.

Normally, I teach half the day on Saturday but since my students were on their spring break, I was free! And oh, how that break was needed. We slept in then went out to breakfast, watched General Conference together, exercised at the gym, and watched more General Conference.


To top off the day (before Kyle went to the Priesthood session), we drove into Minneapolis to the Macy’s Flower Show; an indoor exhibit of flowers from all over the world. We walked through the show taking in the scents of the flowers and the colorful array of blooms. It also took us back to our time in India last year, with the beautiful smell of jasmine and thematic decor. It was so nice to have a bit of spring as it was snowy and cold outside.









Sunday morning we made our traditional General Conference scones and then watched the morning and afternoon sessions. We were uplifted by the messages given and were reminded of the wonderful life we have. We are truly so blessed. We live in a beautiful state. We have a loving family. We have many great friends. We have never wanted for shelter, food, water, or clothing. We have the true gospel to guide our lives. And, we have each other. We are blessed.




One thought on “Blessed

  1. I love that you had scones on General Conference morning! That’s such a fun “Todd” tradition! I love your blog Jeneca dearest!


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