A Two-Day Birthday

Just last week, Kyle turned 26! Though his birthday was on Friday, he lucked out and got two days of celebrating; with me, and with friends. On his actual birthday, he still had to work so we decided to start the day off right with going out to breakfast and opening up presents. (And digging out his car from the new 6 inches of snow.) From there, we both went to work, only to meet up downtown after. We grabbed a quick dinner and ate it as we walked over to see the Harlem Globetrotters play at the Target Center. Seeing them was on Kyle’s life list and we thoroughly enjoyed the game.


The fun did not stop there. The next day, Kyle and I had some friends over for lunch. It was really crazy with so many people in our small apartment, but the energy that was there was fantastic. Afterwards most of us went bowling, which is one of Kyle’s favorite things to do. There were some good games going on with quite a few of the adults. And for those of us who weren’t so involved with our own games (yours truly), the kids bowling with us kept us entertained. I’ve said this many times, but we are lucky to have so many wonderful friends out here.








Happy Birthday, Kyle!



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