Last Minute Visit

Last week I noticed one of my college friends, Mandy Perkins, posting a picture of Mount Rushmore on Instagram. I commented on her photo, saying if she happened to travel through Minnesota, she should come visit. As it turns out, she and her husband, Spencer, were going to be in Minneapolis the next day so I promptly invited her and her husband to stay the night with us. I had not seen Mandy since graduation last April so I was extremely excited to catch up.

They arrived soon after Kyle and I had gotten off work. We had dinner, went out for dessert, and then spent the rest of the night talking about our adventures during the past year. As it turns out, Mandy and Spencer’s cross country trip is taking them to his new job in Indiana. They may be about 10 hours away from us, but we have already started planning to meet in the middle, possibly Chicago, for some more time together. All of us love to travel and are ready to explore the Midwest.

They next morning, I didn’t have to teach until 2 so we decided to tour around Minneapolis together (without Kyle cause he has a job and is responsible like that). Our first stop was to the Mill City Museum, nestled right up against the Mississippi river.  The building was originally built in 1874 to produce flour. However, parts of the mill have been destroyed by flour dust explosions or fires on many different occasions. Now the building serves as a historical landmark for the production of flour and many other factory created goods. It is also a great place for kids to explore, as it has many hands on activities.

We were given a tour through the building and up the “Flour Tower” until we reached the overlook for the Mississippi River. It was an overcast day but the water coming down the river was quite impressive, as was the view of all the other factories and plants along the river. Also, it was windy and cold, so after we braved getting a picture taken, we hurried inside to the film about Minneapolis history and the museum store.






After leaving the museum, I picked up Kyle from work and met Mandy and Spencer at Matt’s Bar. Though we had tried the “original” Juicy Lucy at The 5-8 Club, all the reviews online said that the one at Matt’s Bar is far better. We were skeptical at first, as we walked into the small and outdated bar with only 8 things on the menu, but our minds were changed at first bite. We could feel our arteries clogging right there but, man, those burgers were delicious!




Kyle and I had to get to work, and Mandy and Spencer needed to head out to the next city on their road trip. So, we parted ways on the corner of Matt’s Bar with the promise of another trip in the future. Even though our time had been short together, we loved our last minute visit. Come again!

*Thanks Mandy for the pictures!


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