The Rave Run

Last month, Kyle heard about a new race fad called the Rave Run. After showing me the promotional site, we quickly decided to sign up for the 5K. That month soon passed and we found ourselves driving down to Valleyfair, on a Friday night. Unlike most races, this one started at 9:00pm, with the main element being music and cool lighting to enhance the running experience.

Though we did sit in traffic for about an hour to get there because of the overwhelming amount of people running, we had a fun night. With minutes to spare, we parked the car, and ran to the registration table. Each runner got a race shirt, flashing bracelets, and a variety of glow sticks; which we decked ourselves out in, and then ran to the start.



Despite the hype around the race, it was actually a little underwhelming. We had expected music to be blaring and lights to be surrounding the whole run (like advertised), so we were disappointed when we found ourselves running in the dark trying not to trip over people. It was fun, but I think we won’t be doing it again because of the number of people there was chaotic. It seemed like the majority of people that were there were in high school or college and were mostly there for the social aspect and the after party. We did stay for a while (mostly to let Kyle run the course a second time so he could get a “good workout” for the day), but were tired from our long work day and ready to head home by 10:00.  All in all, it was a good date night.




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