Stealing Bases

A month back Kyle and I were headed to a Twins baseball game on a cold and rainy evening. Just as we had parked and started to walk in to Target Field, we were told that the game was postponed. We were grateful not to have to sit in the freezing cold rain, but sad that we were going to miss out on the game. However, we were allowed to switch our tickets to another night. Thankfully, the night we chose was much more suitable to watching baseball.


Strangely, the day that our tickets were switched to, happened to be the warmest day of the year yet. At 95 degrees, we were prepared to sweat it out at the game. We were happily surprised when the weather cooled down just enough to provide the perfect baseball viewing temperature. We also had our friends Mark and Tiffany come along with us. We love spending time with them! All four of us not only enjoyed the baseball game but also the comments from the kid with a chili ring around his mouth, that sat behind us. It was a great way to start the outdoor season.





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