Day 3: Go to the Ohio

As we usually do on Sunday, we went to a nearby LDS church. This church building happened to be right next to another historical site. This time, the home of John Johnson and his farm (which is now used as a welfare farm for the Church). This served not only the family living there but also as another home for the Prophet Joseph during his stay in Kirtland, as well as location for more spiritual revelations. We were taken through the house by a lovely senior missionary couple who shared many of the special and significant events that took place there. Kyle also added on stories that he had learned from his numerous church history classes at BYU.



DSCN4001  DSCN4012

Next we drove up to the Isaac Morley farm. The farm and buildings on the land are no longer there, but it was a must see site for us because Isaac Morley is one of Kyle’s pioneer ancestors. We heard some interesting stories of the family and events that happened there by another senior missionary couple and then took a walk up through the grounds. The site also has a running list of Morley descendants that have come through the site, which Kyle and Nancy were able to sign. Let the record show that we were there. Or, at least Kyle and Nancy were.



Our last stop was to visit the graveyard in Kirtland. Coincidentally, and with perfect timing, Memorial Day happened to be the coming day. We wandered through the graves, paying respect and looking out for recognizable names of people who were buried there. It was a solemn, contemplative, and especially gratitude building time for us. Seeing the graves of many pioneers and veterans was a gentle reminder of how blessed we are to live in such a great nation, and to be members of the LDS Church.




We still had time that evening to take a quick drive up to Lake Erie. On the way we discovered the Boulevard of 200 flags, a fitting tribute to the local people who had died in service. When we finally made it to the Great Lake, I made myself at home looking for sea glass and Kyle and Dellas skipped rocks. It was the perfect day for spending time along the shore. The sun was shining and the weather was ideal.






When we made it home that evening we prepared our dinner and relaxed while watching the National Memorial Day Concert. It had truly been one of those days that makes us proud of our heritage, both religious and national. We are grateful to be living in the USA and be members of the LDS Church. We are truly so blessed!



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