Day 4: Leaving the Ohio


In order to save a little cash, we opted to drive home instead of fly (paying for one rental car costs so much less than 4 overpriced plane tickets). So at 7am on Memorial Day, we all loaded into our rental car and set off for home. About halfway between Kirtland and Minneapolis lies Chicago. Since it was around lunchtime, we stopped in for some classic deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s before heading out again. Dang it was good! We left stuffed to the brim.





After being on the road over 13 hours and crossing through 5 states, we made it back to our apartment safely. Luckily for us, we only had one major driving complication when we took the wrong exit and added an hour on our drive time, but it was an adventure. And the party had just begun. Dellas and Nancy stayed with us the next full week which brought many more explorations around our new hometown. Stay tuned…


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