Day 3: Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness


After eating a quick breakfast, utilizing the baskets Andrew and Camren had made to hold utensils and hot cider packets, we loaded into our canoes and took off for a morning adventure. Unlike the day before, there was no wind, leaving the water glassy and pristine. After paddling to the opposite side of our lake, we made a portage across a half mile stretch to get to another lake.


I need to give credit to the people in our group that carried the canoes. It was no easy task. The canoe rested on the shoulders of the person carrying it, allowing only a small part of the pathway to be seen. As they walked through the portage, it also became a trap for mosquitoes. They would swarm underneath the lip of the canoe and buzz around the carrier’s face. But, because of how the boat was carried, it left them little ability to swat the bugs away. Needless to say, portages were not the favorite part of the trip.


When we made it to the other lake, we paddled around while the boys fished. We may not have caught much but we did see a bald eagle swoop down and catch his fish, which made the whole trip to the lake worth it. It was such a beautiful day that we didn’t want to leave just yet. But then the dark clouds started rolling in. We had been in the calm before the storm.


We had just enough time to make it back to camp before the clouds were above us. We rushed to put down our equipment and eat lunch just as the rain started falling. At that point, all of our bags were packed so we had no place to take shelter. Since it wasn’t raining terribly hard we decided to just canoe out through the storm.

DSCN4266DSCN4267It wouldn’t have been too bad paddling in the rain, if the lightning hadn’t started. So did our adrenaline! We were already out on the lake so we didn’t have much of a choice but to keep rowing to the nearby portage. Being out on the lake in a metal boat with metal paddles did not sound like a good idea. When we made it there we realized that the thunder and lightning were moving away from us, even if the rain stayed. By that point, we were already soaked through so we decided that we might as well push on.


By the time we were back to the lake we had started on, the rain stopped and left the lake smooth and glassy again. All that was left was to get across the lake where we could dry off at the outfitter bunk house. Of course, there were some of our group, Andrew and Marissa, who decided that their canoe should become the Black Pearl (from Pirates of the Caribbean) and attack other canoes with a water fight. We were already soaked so the added water didn’t do much and the fights were pretty fun.



We were pretty tired by the time we made it back to the outfitter having rowed around 10 miles that day. But what a fun trip it had been. We had thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, reminding us of the Northwest coast of Washington. We loved being out in nature where we could see and hear the local wildlife. We had enjoyed the exercise we got from canoeing and hiking. And, most importantly, we had a great time together as a family.



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