At the Races

A couple weekends ago we were invited to go to an Extreme Racing Day at Canterbury Park.  Usually, there are only horse races that take place, but on this particular day there were also camel, ostrich, and zebra races. Imagine seeing a live version of the races in the old Disney movie Swiss Family Robinson (Start at an hour and 45 minutes to watch the race). It was hilarious! We laughed and cheered on our favorites. It’s a good thing that we don’t gamble because our favorites usually came in last. Money well saved!DSC_0111

We especially loved the names that were given to the animals.  For example, the winning ostrich was named Flightless Fred. The camels were especially funny. They had names like Humpback of Notre Dame, Rock n’ Spit, Humpernickle, and Sir Camelot. There was also a petting zoo and face painting for the little ones, and people watching for us older ones, so we were never bored.

DSC_0080DSC_0122 DSCN4299 IMG_0660

While the races were enjoyable to watch, we were mostly there to spend time with our friends Brandon and Rachel (of Brachel Boulevard – go check out their adorable blog!) and their two little ones. You see, they are moving to Barcelona, Spain for the next year as Brandon gets his MBA. We have grown really close to them during the past year and will miss them terribly! Being able to spend the afternoon together is just what we needed. And we didn’t mind the time with their precious kids, either.

horse racesDSC_0106DSC_0047



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