The Final Todd Adventures in Minnesota

I still had to teach a few classes while my family was in town. Even though I was away, I still had a member of my family with me. My little sister Kenzli is also a dancer, and a talented one at that. I asked her to come be my assistant, as the girls I was teaching were all under 5.  During our time teaching, we were told again and again how similar we look. We already knew that we had similar personalities but we hadn’t really thought about our looks. But when we analyzed it, we discovered, yep, same body proportions. We had such a fun time and made a great team. I can’t wait until we work together again!


The last few days of my family’s visit were packed full. Mostly, from going to the local sites. We spent an afternoon in the Mall of America. Andrew and Camren went on the roller-coasters in the middle of the mall while the girls shopped. It was a good compromise. Another was the Lady of the Lake boat tour of Lake Minnetonka. It was a bit longer and more detailed than the previous boat tour I had been on. We also could bring a picnic lunch to enjoy while we cruised. We had a fun time and the weather was ideal!

IMG_0590IMG_0568IMG_0576IMG_0583 IMG_0575 IMG_0570IMG_0579

After the boat cruise, we stopped at Sebastian Joe’s to share the best ice cream in Minnesota. Word to the wise, try the Nicollet Avenue Pot Hole. It has everything a ice cream lover needs; chocolate ice cream, fudge swirls, truffles, heat bar, and sea salt to top it off. Heaven. There also happened to be the Excelsior Farmers Market going on during our walk back to the car. We strolled through and found some yummy flavored nuts and lots of beautiful produce. Afterwards we drove to Wayzata Bay and enjoyed relaxing at the beach. We ended up deciding not to swim but spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the sand, catching a Frisbee, and lounging around on beach towels.

IMG_0592 IMG_0591IMG_0598

Early the next day, my family loaded up the car and left for Utah. It was a sad day for all of us. The hardest thing about living in Minnesota is being far away from them. I just never know when we are all going to be together again. With Andrew and Marissa going to college and me in Minnesota, we are all spread out. However, we had made the best of the time we had together. We had made memories, had a wonderful time, and had come closer together as an eternally-bound family. And that is all that matters.


2 thoughts on “The Final Todd Adventures in Minnesota

  1. what a happy weekend – it sounds like it is something right out of a minneapolis travel guide. i just moved here from chicago a few months ago, but i’m already a huge fan of sebastian joe’s 🙂


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