Parting Ways

In the year that we’ve been here, we have been fortunate to develop many wonderful friendships. Unfortunately, many of the families we have become friends with are now moving away. Whether it be for a new job, getting closer to family, or for grad school, their time in Minnesota has come to a close. As one last celebration, a friend of ours pulled together a goodbye party. It was so nice to gather together one last time before parting ways. DSC_0239

I mentioned before that our dear friends the Wright’s are moving to Barcelona, Spain for Brandon to get MBA. Kyle met Brandon the first week we had moved here but we didn’t meet Rachel for a while since she had just given birth to her daughter, Ellie. When we finally did get together, we became fast friends. I adore their energetic son Corbin, and Kyle is wrapped around Ellie’s little finger. It’s going to be different without this amazing family.

DSC_0230DSC_0250 DSC_0254We met the Harrison’s the first week at church when they invited us over for dinner. Ryan and Alisa are so great to talk to! I have especially loved getting to know Alisa. She always seemed to be able to say the right thing. We also love their two kids, Owen and Olivia. They are precious and so full of energy. But, the whole family is off to Michigan State University for Ryan to also get his MBA. We wish them all the luck in the world! They are going to have a great experience out there. We will miss you! DSC_0223DSC_0256 DSC_0260We also had a third family move away to be closer to family and for another job. They moved before the party but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the Hahn’s any less. They were such wonderful people to have in our lives but we know they are on to bigger and better things. Good luck in Wisconson!

As for all the families moving away, we are going to miss our wonderful friends! We love you and can’t wait until we can spend time together again. Enjoy your adventures!



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