Girls Night

One day at work, my dear friend Amber and I decided that we needed to be more supportive of the arts and go see a performance together. We looked through a pile of brochures and decided to go see the Alternative Motion Project concert. It just so happens that we know quite a few people in the company because they teach and rehearse at the studio we work at, so it was decided we had to go.

Though we took a few wrong turns to get to the show, as it was in a corner of Minneapolis I have never been to before. But, we were able to arrive just in time for it to start. I am so grateful that I went! The movement was lovely and inspiring. Amber and I especially loved the solos done by Mackenzie, our fellow teacher. She is a stunning mover!

IMG_0877IMG_0875When the concert finished, we walked outside to find a storm had passed through leaving beautiful puddles that were reflecting the lights of the city. The storm was still brewing in the distance yet it seemed like a peaceful summer night. Not ready to end our girls night out, we drove off to get dessert at one of my favorite eateries, Yum!. We ordered the best coconut cream cake on this earth and thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Amber may have also been hit on, by way of a cookie by one of the Yum! staff… sadly, that cookie went to Kyle. That poor staffer.


Sadly, Amber is moving back to school in a week and I am going to miss having her around. I adore her cheerful attitude and have loved getting to know her better this summer. I am just crossing her fingers that she will come back to work at the studio next summer so we can continue exploring Minnesota.



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