For the Young Women

What_Makes_You_Beautiful_A few months ago I posted this picture on Instagram. At the time I had to keep quiet about what I had been up to, but now I am free to write about it. A month before this picture was taken, I was asked by the stake young women’s presidency to set choreography on the young men of the LDS Minneapolis Stake to the song What Makes You Beautiful (by One Direction). The dance would then be filmed for a surprise for the young women’s camp this summer.

It took some persuading, but we got a good group of YM to join us for the project. Though, the big intensive was that we would be filming at the Viking’s Football Practice Facility and meet Matt Asiata, the Viking’s running back. We had two hours in the facility to teach the dance, practice the filming, and then make the final film. Matt also agreed to make a cameo for the sake of the video.

For what little time we had, it turned out pretty well. The goal was to make the video in one take, which did prove problematic at some points in the filming. Sometimes, the boys and videographer forgot what they were supposed to be doing, causing some minor mishaps (like running in front of the camera instead of behind it or not getting a close enough shot to avoid seeing other people getting into position) . If you look closely at the video and you will see me, in my bright red pants, running through the background when the videographer turned the wrong way. But, the young women of the stake loved it and thought it was a fun addition to their summer camp.

So, without further ado, the Young men of the Minneapolis Stake present: What Makes You Beautiful.


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