Day 1: The Emerald City

Kyle and I spent quite a bit of time this year searching for the perfect place to go for a vacation. We have so many places that we want to see but, like most people, we are limited on funds and time. After exploring many different options, we decided the best fit would be to explore the vast beauty of Alaska. We could have flown in and explored on our own but we also decided that we needed a relaxing trip. Hence, our final decision to explore Alaska by way of a cruise.

But, before I get carried away with telling the exciting things we did there, we also spent some time in Washington before we set sail. I was lucky enough to leave a day before Kyle, flying into Seattle, the Emerald City, to visit family first. There I was met by my uncle Steve and aunt Tina, my cousin Amanda, and her two sons, Emmett and Graham. They also happened to be visiting Seattle. It is a happy coincidence that we were all there at the same time. They drove me back to their hotel where we dropped off my bags then left to get a glimpse of the Seattle piers in the moonlight.
DSC_0004Last year, a Ferris wheel had been built on a dock near the Seattle aquarium. It towers above the ocean offering a great view of the surrounding areas; whether the city or the ocean. We all loaded into one of the boxes and enjoyed the spectacular show from the city lights.
That was it for that nights adventures as the little boys needed to get to bed. I was tired too, as Seattle’s time zone is two hours earlier than Minnesota. So we walked back to the hotel and settled in for the night. All tiredness aside though, it was a lovely way to start the trip.

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