Days 4 & 5: All Aboard

DSC_0397Sunday marked the first day of our Alaskan cruise. After going to church, saying goodbye to my family, and dropping off our rental car, we boarded our ship. Away from Seattle we went; toward Alaska! Along the way we did try to see my family waving to us from the shore of Whidbey Island. We couldn’t see much but they could at least see our ship from where they were.

DSC_0400 DSC_0401

There isn’t much to say about that day and the next, except we did things that people usually do aboard a cruise ship. We ate, got a little sea sick (the waves were bigger than usual – according to a ship staff member), exercised, watched a movie, listened to the ship’s naturalist discuss some of the things we were going to see, and then went to a formal night. All in all, our first two days were spent getting the relaxation that we have been craving for so long. It was the next day that really started our Alaskan adventure. Once again, a big thank you to our family who hosted us and chauffeured us around town so we could go on this amazing adventure.



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