Day 12: Museum of Flight

When researching what to do in Seattle, we came across a website for the Museum of Flight. After further investigation, we decided it would be a worthwhile stop. What I didn’t expect is how enthralled Kyle would be. When we were dating, I remember him telling me that when he was a little tyke, he wanted to be an astronaut. Well, years have passed and he is a business man, but that same excitement is still there. I liked our tour of the museum, but Kyle was soaking it all in. Every sign was read and every display was examined.

The museum contained numerous replicas and artifacts from the development to the first airplane, on to the latest information on space travel. We even got to walk through Air Force One and a practice space shuttle. There are exhibits on WWI and WWII, and many interactive activities for kids of all ages. We absolutely loved this museum, which is obvious from the four hours we spent there. Needless to say, it was well worth our time and money to go there.DSC_0193In the middle of our time at the museum, we also had some of my family stop by. I had accidentally left a pair of shoes at Deb’s house after leaving Whidbey Island and she was nice enough to return them to me. Coincidentally, she was down at the airport (which is near the museum), to pick up her daughter, Erica, and her three beautiful girls. I haven’t seen them in so long it was exciting to have a few minutes to spend together. I also loved seeing my cousin Nathan again, before he left on his mission. I love my family!

Next stop, Pikes Place Market and Safeco Field!



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