Day 12 (continued): Return to the Emerald City

After our visit to the Museum of Flight, we drove up to Pikes Place Market for a late lunch/early dinner at Beecher’s, a shop that specializes in their cheese creations. We ordered a couple grilled sandwiches and, of course, their famous mac and cheese. It was all delicious! If you are ever in the area, it is a must stop shop.

Afterwards, the market was closing so we just proceeded to the Gum Wall. It is usually gross, but it was starting to rain and the portion that is in the open was getting moist and fragrant. It still shocks me how much gum is on that wall! It is really thick in some areas. We both placed our gum and then moved on.

DSC_0223With a quick stop at the nearby City Target (he was asked to visit it for work), we were on our way to the Mariners Game. There we met up with Darin and Sherri and their kids. The game was interesting enough but we especially loved spending time with family as we were watching the game. And, eating Ivar’s clam chowder. In the end, the Mariners lost, but it was a win of a night.




8 thoughts on “Day 12 (continued): Return to the Emerald City

  1. your pictures are so lovely – it makes me want to jump into the screen and join you on vacation. or maybe that means i need a vacation? haha, either way 🙂 glad you added your gum to that wall:)


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