Extending His Stay

Having grown up in Boise, Idaho, Kyle is a huge Boise State Football fan. He watches every game possible and is always reading up on the latest news. He will even go as far as cheer for Boise as they play against BYU, the school that gave us our degrees (the nerve!). So, when Kyle realized that they would be playing in Washington, only a few days after we were scheduled to leave, we changed our plans to let him stay. Luckily, his uncle also had tickets for the game, and was willing to part with one to allow Kyle to attend.

The days after I left, Kyle spent at his aunt and uncle’s house, working from “home” by day, and hanging out with the family by night; until game day arrived. Sadly, Boise State lost the game, but I think that Kyle was just happy to be there with his team, cheering them on. Thanks to Darin and Sherri for letting him stay, and to Kyle’s supervisor for being willing to let him extend his trip a little longer!




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