Highlight Reel


The best part of being in Utah, is spending time with my family. I loved being able to participate in the normal life, like I grew up; getting a glimpse at what my life used to be like before I moved away. I enjoyed canning pears from my grandparents, with my mom. I loved the good conversations with my parents over lunch at Cafe Rio. I loved being able to tag along for carpools, listen to my siblings practice their instruments, and go on long walks with our dog. I don’t often get to enjoy those little things, so I soaked up as much as I could while I was there.

Through the week, I was lucky enough to tag along to my brother’s soccer games and cross country meet. I am so proud of what an athlete Camren has become. He works so hard and it really shows in his performance. His cross country meet was especially impressive. He is in Jr. High, but is able to participate with the high school’s team. During his 2 mile JV race, he took 3rd with a mile time around 5:11. I am so happy I was there to see him cross the finish line.

I also got some quality time with my little sister, Kenzli, by way of a surprise. In our family, you must be 12 before you get your ears pierced (I’m not sure how that age was decided on, but that’s when myself and my younger sister got ours pierced). Well, Kenzli has been anxiously awaiting the day when she would turn 12. Sadly, I wouldn’t be around to go with her, for that memorable experience. So, months ago, I plotted with my mom to take her as a surprise while I was in town. We told her that we were just going shopping. I’m sure you can imagine her reaction when we walked up to the piercing counter and told her what was going to happen. She got a little scared at first but mustered up the courage to get her first set of earrings.

Last but not least, I did get to spend some time with my brother, Andrew. He took time out of his busy college schedule to drive down for an evening. We got to make a doughnut run, catch up on love interests, and do a little teasing. He is only a few years younger than me but I look up to him. He is a strong, intelligent and optimistic guy who can bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. I just adore him.

During the week we kept joking about selfies and how silly they are, so when saying goodbye, we couldn’t help but take some of us. These 6 people are among the best people I know. They just light up my life!

Saying goodbye was hard. It had been a wonderful week. My parent’s dog, Tessa, wasn’t ready for me to leave, either. She jumped in the car and blocked me from putting my suitcase in. Eventually, we worked our way around her and sent me to catch my flight so I could make it back to see my husband. But, having this glimpse back into my family’s life was like watching a highlight reel in a movie. I know that there are ups and downs to life, but the positive things are always the ones that stand out. It really is the small and simple that make life worth while.




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