Doughnut Cravings

When Fall comes around, I can’t help but crave certain foods. I love anything with pumpkin, hearty soups, and doughnuts. I’m not sure what it is about this season that makes me want to eat that fried and glazed dough, but I love it. Growing up, the best doughnuts could be found at the locally owned grocery store’s bakery, and they still stand as my favorite location to get doughnuts. But that grocery store is miles away, and my craving is still here.

I did some research and found the perfect doughnut shop, Yo Yo Donuts, which is conveniently located near us. After convincing Kyle that a doughnut run would be a perfect treat, we drove on in. Be it known, if you ever make it here, the fritters are amazing; as is the Maple Bacon Long John. Mmmm…..


2 thoughts on “Doughnut Cravings


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