Weekend Road Trip: Bump, Spike, Serve

The whole reason we were in Grand Forks was to support my little sister as the Idaho State University volleyball team played against the University of North Dakota. As we were walking into the building where the game was to be held, we had to smile at the looks we were getting from wearing orange and black clothes and by carrying a poster of the same colors. We were quite the contrast from the emerald green clothes of the UND. It was pretty obvious we were the only ones there supporting the ISU Bengals.

The game was fun to watch. Especially because Marissa, though a freshman, got plenty of playing time. She is such a talented player! And she gets better and better every game. Only weeks after she played this game, she was named athlete of the week. I am so impressed by her dedication and the work she puts into being the best player she can. I am so grateful I got to drive up to see her play.

Unfortunately, ISU lost the game. However, we did get to slightly remedy the loss by going out to a late dinner with Marissa and the rest of her team. We didn’t get to spend enough time talking with her before she had to head back to the hotel with her team. They had to leave early the next morning and needed to get some sleep.

We went back to our “hotel” and cuddled up in our sleeping bags. The next morning we quickly packed up and started our drive home. When I was doing my research before the trip, I had heard about a giant otter in Fergus Falls, MN. We needed to take a break to stretch our legs and get gas for the car so we decided to visit. Though I am not sure why the 40 foot long Otto the Otter is located in the small town, it was a fun stop on our way home and was only 5 minutes from the main freeway.

Only a couple more hours and we were home. This road trip had reminded us of the fun and frequent weekend adventures we had while in Arkansas a couple summers ago. We have been bit by the travel bug once again. Thank goodness our next adventure is just a short time away and this time, we going international!



4 thoughts on “Weekend Road Trip: Bump, Spike, Serve

  1. Looks like a fun trip! We have been trying to get to a BSU volleyball game and were disappointed to see that ISU and BSU don’t play each other. Have fun on your next traveling adventure!


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