A couple of weeks ago we had one of those weekends where life was just good! We were healthy, happy, and couldn’t help but smile. There are two reasons for this (though the second is really the impetus for our happiness). First, after years of waiting, we finally bought furniture! It may seem so silly, but this was a big milestone for us.

We were fortunate to inherit or be gifted all of our apartment’s furnishings when we got married. But for the past two and a half years of marriage we have wished, planned, and saved for the day when we would be able to have furniture that we chose ourselves. Finally, early Saturday morning we found a beautiful bedroom set at a decent price. We hauled it back to our apartment, set it up, and immediately filled the many drawers with the clothes that had previously been crammed in plastic bins.

20131015-225855.jpgMore importantly, that weekend was General Conference. Every 6 months, the leaders of the LDS Church give spiritual messages to the members of the church. This is always a time of the year when I feel truly blessed, encouraged, and loved. It is a reminder to concentrate on being the best person possible. It also helps that we got to share some of the conference time and make a delicious brunch with the Hyland’s while enjoying their view of the city.

It may seem odd, but for us, it was a weekend of progression. It felt nice to know that we had worked hard, saved, and been able to finally buy something we’ve wanted for a long time. Having only been graduated from college for one year, it is nice to see how the years spent studying have started to pay off. On the other hand, the spiritual and uplifting messages we listened to were just what we needed to hear. Many prayers were answered and it reminded us to push on, working to become a better person every day. In one word, progression.


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