So That’s How They Feel…

When I wrote the description of our blog, I said that I planned to write about the good, the bad, and everything that comes in-between. Thankfully, we haven’t had much of the bad. Challenges, yes. Plain bad luck, no. That is until we were driving off for our Friday night date. With our trajectory pointed into Minneapolis, we were hit from the side by a car swerving out of its lane to avoid rear ending the person in front of him that had suddenly slowed down. The force of his car pushed us into the cement barricade on the freeway until we came to a stop. Before we realized what had happened, we saw the car stop for a few moments then speed away. We were upset and shaken up but thankfully we were safe. The car was another story.

A day later, we discovered my car wouldn’t start. This was a big disappointment since we had just had a repair done a week before. At this point, we really started to feel like the Frederiksen’s in UP. If you have seen the movie, you can recall the scene where the Carl and Ellie keep having things happen that cause them to break into their “savings” bottle. Thus, preventing them from taking their adventure to Paradise Falls.

Thankfully, our story has a somewhat happy ending. My car started again, after some coaxing, and our insurance company was able repair the damages to our car from our sad hit and run case. And so that leaves us to just continue on, filling up our new savings “bottle”. Hopefully it will be a while before we need to break into it again.


One thought on “So That’s How They Feel…

  1. Aw! You guys, I am so sad to hear that this happened to you but I am so happy that you were safe. I’m sure it was absolutely terrifying! I cant even imagine! Sending you our love! We miss you!


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