Apple Jack Orchard

Kyle and I have a tradition where we go to a pumpkin patch each year to pick out our pumpkins. Last year we went to Knapton’s, but this year, we decided to check out Apple Jack Orchard. We had heard so many good things about it, and were not disappointed. We also got the Hyland’s to come along with us. Unfortunately, as we were driving out, it started raining. We decided to just brave the rain and run to the farm gift shop and bakery first to see if it stopped. It’s a good thing we did because within 10 minutes, the rain had stopped.

As soon as we had finished up the treats we had been munching on from the bakery, we went out to explore. There was a corn maze, cow train, corn pit, and lots of fun activities for young children. Despite being a little wet, it was really a lovely day to explore a farm.

The favorite activity was the apple cannon. There were targets placed out in the field and if you hit one, you got an extra shot. None of us hit the target, but we enjoyed aiming for the passing train. We were a bit silly.

Of course, we did spend some time searching for our pumpkins. The field had been well picked over, but we still found some good ones. Kyle chose his almost immediately, while I settled for one with lots of bumps and a stringy stem. I think we both were going for pumpkins with a little bit of character.

We timed our visit perfectly. As soon as we had paid for our pumpkins, the rain started to fall again. We snuck back into the bakery and ordered hot cider and apple doughnuts to warm us up. They were both so delicious. Kyle and I even brought home an extra gallon of cider to enjoy.


After getting back and eating soup to warm up, we spent the rest of the evening with the Hyland’s watching the BYU and Boise football games. If you ask me, it had been a day that was quintessentially fall. From pumpkins and apple cider, to rainy cool weather and football, we hit all the classics of the season. And we loved every second of it.



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