Day 1: The Return to Mexico

A year and a half ago, Kyle and I took a trip to Mexico to see where he had lived for two years while serving a mission for the LDS Church. We had a lovely time and left saying that we would be back. Fast forward a year, and we found ourselves talking to Kyle’s parents about going down to that area and acting as tour guides for them. Wishes and thoughts soon turned into planning and purchasing plane tickets, and finally a trip down to the Maya Riviera of Mexico.

DSC_0522We arrived at the Cancun airport before Dellas and Nancy, as their flight was drastically delayed. That gave us the chance to prepare for them, like any good tour guide would. We checked into our hotel, exchanged our dollars for pesos, and picked up some snacks and plenty of water. With plenty of time to spare, we got some quesadillas for lunch and then took a short power nap.

After waking up and realizing that Dellas and Nancy were not going to arrive for a while longer, we opted to go explore the hotel zone of Cancun (our hotel was closer to the bus depot for easier transportation). As we were walking through shops and hotels along the coast, we found a luchadores mask that looked like the one from Nacho Libre. We had a good laugh and then quoted the movie the rest of the trip. With plenty of time still to wait for my in-laws, we got our dinner. What is not to love about freshly prepared al pastor tacos, chips, and dip? I was in heaven.

Finally we got a text from Dellas saying that they had made it to Mexico. We hurried to meet them at the bus station. They were worn out and hungry from their 7 hour delayed flight so we picked up some late night dinner, ran to the grocery store for the next day’s lunch and then made it back to the hotel. It may have seemed like a slow and uneventful day, but it is just what we needed. Then next days were solidly packed with things to do and see. It was the calm before the storm.

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