Day 3 (continued): Akumal

Just a few minutes up the carretera, there is a beautiful beach called Akumal. In Mayan, the name Akumal can be translated to sea turtles. With that meaning in mind, there can be no doubt why we decided to venture to that beach. Kyle and I had seen many turtles there last trip, and we were hoping for the same luck.

The beach wasn’t crowded, which allowed us to claim a spot and jump on in, snorkel gear in tow. We were soon amongst the fish and yes, sea turtles. We didn’t see as many as our last trip (there was a group of scientist catching the turtles, marking them, and then releasing them, which may have scared them off), but we did have the chance to see an adorable young turtle. It couldn’t have been more than a year old. It seemed totally content to just swim around with us.

There was also a good variety of fish to be seen. Though I can’t remember the name, there was one larger fish that would come up very close to your face, look at you, and then lazily swim away. We also saw a sting ray, squid, puffer fish, crabs, and an eel. Up in the air, we were also treated to watching the local pelicans diving in to catch their dinner. DSC_0956As the sun started to go down, we decided to head back to our hotel and get some dinner. But not without a few more pictures. As mentioned before, I happen to find inspiration in all things related to the ocean. Being a dancer and performer, this often leads to spontaneous dancing. I may have gotten a few odd looks from the beach-goers around me, but I had a lovely improvisation session on the beach.

After wandering the streets of Playa del Carmen and seeing the different things going on for Dia de los Muertos, we decided on a restaurant that could fill our stomachs without emptying our pockets. We were not disappointed when we ordered the sampler platter and given our fill of chips and salsa. It was a wonderful evening.



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