Day 4: Xcaret

Imagine, if you will, a place that contains the beauties of  Mexico; the flowers, wildlife, culture, and history. That is what we found at Xcaret. Located just a short drive down South on the carretera from Playa Del Carmen, Xcaret is a park for those wanting to learn more about Mexico. We enjoyed our time there despite the threatening sounds of thunder in the distance. What is not to love about a zoo, aquarium, cultural center, botanical garden, archeological site, and theater all wrapped into one park?

DSC_1247In a normal post, I would explain about each of the days happenings. However, if I were to do that with this post, you would be reading for quite a while. Instead, I will let the pictures doing the talking, and interject at just a few points. Just remember that each is an example of what was in the park. From a butterfly garden, to an underground snorkeling river, it always felt like we were going on an adventure.






Here is where I will say a few things. Near the end of the day, when we were hot and sticky, we decided to take a dip in one of the underground rivers. These rivers are part of a large cave system spiraling through much of the park. Though some have been widened to allow guests to more freely pass through them, they were an exciting part of our day. Imagine, wearing a life vest, goggles, and a snorkel, and swimming through a narrow and dark tunnel. There weren’t many fish to be seen, but the tunnels would often open up into caves that could be explored. It was exhilarating!


The evening shows were the highlight of the day. If you can remember when I posted about visiting Chichen Itza, I mentioned the events surrounding the Mayan ball game. The first evening show recreated this sport. It was fascinating to watch, and even included the captain of the winning team being celebrated and then taken away to be sacrificed. My facination just increased when they began a new game that seemed to be a combination of hockey and lacrosse, but played with a ball of fire. It was intense! I couldn’t look away!

The second show celebrated the music and dance styles of many of the Mexican states. Being a dancer, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this side of the culture as I hadn’t experienced it before. The talent in the show was wonderful and we applauded until our hands were sore.

We had an fantastic day at Xcaret and would recommend it to anyone wanting a glimpse into the many facets of Mexican culture. Just make sure you are not there to relax, that is the last thing you will be doing with how much there is to see. If you do decide to go there, make sure that you buy your tickets online before you leave for your trip. They are much less expensive that way. Happy travels!


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