Day 5: Visits

DSC_1369Sunday morning marked our last full day in Mexico. Though I haven’t mentioned it before, after trading hotels on Day 3 we were staying at a lovely bed and breakfast owned by a couple from France. We had hardly had any time to enjoy there so we were sad to leave so soon. We did, however, get delicious freshly made baguettes as we left early that morning.

We were headed to Cozumel, the island located off the coast. In order to get there, we had to use the ferry. As we were waiting, we looked out over the ocean, as we ate our baguettes. It was a beautiful view. When the ferry was finally there and loaded to return, it started to rain.

This wasn’t just any rain. It fell in huge, heavy drops, and at a pace that flooded the streets. It was the most intense rain storm I have experienced. Thankfully, Kyle was able to hail a big taxi that had no problem taking us to our hotel to drop off our bags. We then caught another and rode to church. As we were on our way, we discovered that the water in the streets had risen, and was now spilling over the sidewalks. It was like driving through a pool of continuous 5 inch deep water.

We enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. As Kyle introduced his parents, many handshakes and hugs were exchanged. We stayed all three hours of the block and I was even pulled into helping in the nursery, for a missing teacher, despite my lack of ability in verbal communication.

When we left the church we were surprised to find that the rain had stopped and the street pool had drained. It was shocking how fast then conditions changed. We were offered a ride by a church member to our next destination. We needed to visit Cesar and Claudia, and their kids Erik and Dianney (we missed seeing Israel). While at their house, we ate a large, delicious meal, prepared by Claudia’s mother. They were so generous, and the food was tasty. Just like last time we were there, we laughed as Dellas, Nancy, and I mimed and used Kyle as our translator. It was so good to see that beautiful family.

DSC_1387Unfortunately, our visits ended there, we needed to go back to the hotel. We wished that we could have seen many more people, but there just wasn’t enough time. However, we did enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean straight out from the door of our new hotel room. Soon after arriving, we got to meet Dellas’ cousin and his wife, who had supplied our hotel room through their timeshare. And, we couldn’t get enough of that beautiful Mexican sunset as we were walking just down the street to replenish our water, and the second intense rain storm of the day.


For Dellas and Nancy, their trip was only in the middle as they would be staying in the timeshare for the next 5 days. For us, we couldn’t believe our time in Mexico was almost coming to an end. It had been a fast and furious trip. But we still felt like we needed to do one more thing while were there. As we fell asleep, Kyle and I made plans to get up as early as we could, the next morning, and take a dip in the ocean right outside our door. What a good decision that was…



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