Day 6: So Long, Mexico

Kyle and I had set our alarm clocks for 5:45 the morning of our departure. Not to catch a plane, but so we could get in some last minute snorkeling. We were not disappointed with our morning swim. The storm from the night before had passed, leaving the morning a bit chilly. The initial plunge was a bit of a shock, but once in, we were surrounded by a variety of beautiful fish. We swam for about an hour then had to quickly prep for our plane ride home. It was such a lovely way to end our short little excursion.

As we boarded our plane to head back to Minnesota, I couldn’t help but look through all of the pictures we had taken. In just 6 days we had done so many wonderful and exciting things. However, I think we are done “touring” the Mayan Riviera now. If we ever go back, we will be staying on a beach with a good book, the sun, and the sand.

Until next time, adios!



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