Weekend Road Trip: What We Do For Football…

If you know my husband, you know that he loves anything about sports. He especially loves watching “his teams”. So, when he heard that BYU (our Alma mater) was going to be playing against the University of Wisconsin, only 6 hours away, he quickly got tickets to the game. We also teamed up with our awesome friends, the Hylands.

One Friday night, after dealing with some car malfunctions, and getting stuck in traffic, we finally traveled out of Minnesota and into Madison, Wisconsin. Arriving late, we promptly went to bed. We had a packed schedule for the following day. First thing on the adgenda was to get some breakfast. We were pleased when we walked into a room full of people wearing navy and sporting BYU attire. We took that as a good omen for the day.

Next, we were to walk around the University of Wisconsin campus. We enjoyed the crisp fall weather, and the lovely falling leaves. There were some great sights around the campus, classic game day food to snack on, and lots of great people watching.

Traditionally, the U of  W marching band will play during the pre-game festivities. We enjoyed hearing them play tunes from Phantom of the Opera, and both team’s fight songs. It was a great atmosphere for a game. And we were pumped to watch and cheer on our team.

After the band had finished, we made our way into the stadium. The arena itself is large, and packs as many people in as possible. This made for cozy seating, but kept us warm as the temperatures fell. As we were walking in, Kyle and I both started to miss the college atmosphere. It’s amazing how just being away from that for a year will make your forget the hours that you are up late studying, the drama of roommates, and the intense tiredness that also accompanies going to school. However, grad school does still sound tempting…

The game itself was enjoyable to watch. Both the players and the people watching the game. The band wandered through the crowd playing random melodies to cheer on the players. And, the game was interrupted by a jumping break which literally got the entire stadium bouncing up and down. Sadly, BYU didn’t play as well as they could have, and we lost.

Since the game didn’t end terribly late, we had previously decided to just drive home. So we walked back to our car, picked up some dinner on the way out of town, and set our course for home. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and loved spending more time with the Hylands. We are so lucky to have them as friends. We feel lucky that we were able to take some time out of our busy lives to make it to this game.

022Go Cougars!



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