The Last Holidazzle Parade

Each Christmas season since 1992, the city of Minneapolis has held the Holidazzle parade. Despite the freezing temperatures and bone-chilling downtown wind, the parade presents themed floats and characters decked out in lights. Containing anything from storybook characters to Santa Claus, the parade is a dazzling spectacle.

Unfortunately, this year was the last year they will be holding the parade. Because of this, Kyle and I made sure that we got to it this year. We signed up to be members in a New to the Twin Cities club and were invited to attend a dinner, socialize over crafting, and to watch the parade comfortably from inside a building. There was also a jazz band playing in the background.


Watching the parade from a building was so much nicer than last year when it was 10 degrees outside. There were a few trees that blocked part of our view, but overall, we had a great shot of the parade. It was a lovely evening.



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