Back in Boise

Family time doesn’t come often enough. So when we got a couple weeks to go visit our families, we put everything on hold (including posting here), and just enjoyed spending time with our favorite people. However, getting there was a bit of a process. We happened to leave on one of the busiest days of  the year to travel. All lines were long, airplanes stuffed full, and flights delayed. We also had to deal with the snow storms which left our plane sliding down the runway when we finally made it to our destination.

We got to Boise very late, so our first real thing on the agenda was for Kyle to run the YMCA Christmas run the next morning. Growing up, Kyle used to run the 5K with his brother as a Christmas tradition to help raise money for people in need. This year, since both Kyle and Nate were in town, they decided to run it together, for old times sake. They had a successful run, despite running through three inches of snow through the whole race. Nate took 1st and Kyle took 2nd in their age group.


That was a great starting point for our trip. Not to mention, the “Frederiksen boys” enjoyed their bragging rights. And, it only got better from there with all the things we had planned to do, including celebrating Christmas and New Years. There is nothing better than enjoying the holiday season with family!



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