Light up my Life

20140109-112554.jpgThere are just some things that we have to do when we travel to meet our family. Mostly these are done because we don’t have certain stores, eateries, or locations near us, and we want to take advantage of them. Cafe Rio is one of those places that we can’t get enough of, but are absent from the Minnesota eating scene. Our family must love us because we talked them into driving into the most busy shopping areas of town, two nights before Christmas just so we could get some. Is it bad to say that it was one of the many highlights of my trip?

Dinner was proceeded by driving around looking at Christmas lights. There are some neighborhoods in the Boise area that have annual contests for best light display. The intensity of their work brings throngs of people, flocking to their houses. We joined in with that string of cars, weaving in and out of streets to find the best lights. Our favorite was seeing the house that had programmed its lights to music. I can’t imagine how long it took to make such a stunning display, but I sure enjoyed watching it.



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