Merry Christmas!

After going to see Frozen and attending the annual Christmas party at Kyle’s Grandparent’s home, we were ready to settle down for a “long winters nap”. Though we were staying at Dellas and Nancy’s house, we were invited to spend Christmas Eve with Kyle’s brother and his family. We and our two adorable nieces were excited to have us staying over with them. We read stories to the youngins and sent them to bed while we adults stayed up later to play games and wrap presents. By the time we got done with that, it was late and we were ready to be snuggled in our beds.


I had just barely closed my eyes when I heard little footsteps coming towards me. My niece had been listening for a clatter and when she had heard us getting ready for bed, she mistook it for Santa visiting the house. I informed her that Santa hadn’t come yet and she had better get back to her bed or he wouldn’t stop at her house. With a look of panic in her eyes, she quickly ran back to her bed.

Thankfully, she did not dare get out of bed until it was morning, which then brought her into our room to jump on the bed as she shouted, “It’s Christmas!” over and over again. As exciting as it was to open our own presents, there was just something about watching the girls open their gifts. Their eyes lit up and they couldn’t contain their excitement. Even just walking into the room was a thrill, as they saw the piles of gifts just waiting to be opened.


The presents were soon all opened, and the girls occupied in playing with their new toys. That left just one more important part of the morning, the breakfast. Julie, my sister-in-law, truly outdid herself. From the stuffed French toast to the festive crackers sitting at each place, it was an enjoyable meal.

Days later, after getting to Utah to see my family, I got to have a second Christmas. Each year, my family does sibling gift exchanges, and my family was nice enough to wait until I got there to do that round of gifts. My parents also spoiled us by giving us snowshoes (which seems fitting considering we live in Minnesota where it is winter more than half the year).


Though the gifts were exciting, and the activities of the day enjoyable, we didn’t forget to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. That is, after all, the most important part of the season. Celebrating Christ, who was born to save all. That ultimate gift means everything to us, and we are grateful we had that day to remind us how blessed we are.

Merry Christmas!



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