Have Some Merritt’s

(Image from yelp.com)

Growing up, Kyle and his siblings frequented a local diner called Merritt’s Country Cafe. It is the classic teenage hangout; a little run down, small, but open all night. Their visits usually occurred late at night, and involved quite a bit of sneaking. The Frederiksen kids would join forces to sneak out of the house, push the car out of the garage and down the street, and then the older siblings would drive the lot to the diner. Once there, they would put a couple quarters in the jukebox and listen to tunes as they munched on cheese fries and their famous scones.

Not much has changed today. Merritt’s still looks about the same, the jukebox plays tunes from the corner, and the scones remain delicious. For old times sake, we still went late at night, though this time, we let Dellas and Nancy in on the trip. The funny thing is, while the diner has been altered very little, we have changed. Our energy to stay up late was tested, and our ability to eat huge helpings of fried foods has been significantly decreased. We are definitely not teenagers anymore. And I am totally ok with that. Though, I  must say, a spontaneous singing of “Sweet Caroline”, with the rest of the diner goers had me feeling like a high school-er again.

Cheers to getting older!




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