On top of Mount Snowy

After spending a week with the Frederiksen family in Idaho, I boarded a bus and traveled down to Utah to visit my family. That 7 hour bus ride was well worth it because the next week was so much fun! To start off, we decided to go snow shoeing to an overlook of the Ogden Valley, just up the mountain from Snowbasin.

20140109-113644.jpgDuring that week, Utah had been having an inversion, making everything look like it was in gray scale. However, when our party of 8 (and our loyal yellow lab) drove up to Snowbasin Ski and Snowboard Resort, we noticed the sky was trying to peek through. As we hiked further and further up the mountain we enjoyed seeing the sun and beautiful blue skies, until we finally reached the top.

Having gone 2.5 miles straight up the mountain, we were glad that we had brought lunch to munch on as we enjoyed the view. We also enjoyed taking a plethora of pictures. With the sun shining, a picturesque panoramic view, and having most of the family together again, we couldn’t have asked for a better day on the slopes.




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