The Funny Everything Dinner

Our snowshoeing adventure was just the beginning of a day to celebrate my brother Andrew’s birthday. Once we got home and smelling decent, we sat down to one of the funniest family traditions we have, the funny everything dinner.

Once upon a time, this tradition began as just a funny utensil dinner. Each person in the family would choose a number out of a hat before sitting down for dinner. That number corresponded with a certain eating utensil which the person would then have to use to eat their meal. The utensils varied from a teaspoon, to salad tongs, to chopsticks, to a cookie dough scoop, and it was always an adventure.

However, the funny utensil dinner soon evolved into a funny everything dinner. Not only were the utensils strange, but so were the plates and cups. The variety of table settings were chosen in the same way as the utensils and usually ended up with a great combination.

DSC_0409For this particular meal, we were eating quinoa, salmon, and spinach salad. Not the easiest food to be eating with such strange cutlery and plates. But, we couldn’t stop laughing. My sister Marissa cracked us up with her frequent filling up of her doll sized tea cup. Camren had to eat out of a muffin tin. Andrew amazed us with his talent of eating with a BBQ spatula. And, poor Jem, Andrew’s girlfriend, had to put up with our silly tradition as she ate out of a bundt pan.

Of course, we were all the more grateful when we could dig into Andrew’s birthday cake with a real fork and plate. If you ever want to feel grateful for what you have, do this dinner with your family. But, as silly as it may be, we absolutely love our funny everything dinner.

DSC_0425Happy Birthday, Andrew!



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