Family and New Years

New Years Eve at the Todd house doesn’t mean partying until the early hours. It means gathering as many family members together as possible, and having a game night. Playing Hand and Foot or What’s Yours Like until midnight was probably the most fun I could possibly have (especially because my Uncle Steve and I dominated). And spending time with my extended family was a real treat. I’m so blessed to be related to so many amazing people.


The next morning, after sleeping in, and doing some power yoga, we gathered with our almost family for a delicious brunch. When I was younger, the Kamalu family moved in next door to us. Coincidentally, the kids in their family all match in age to our family, and instantly friendships were made. Since our initial Todd/Kamalu friendship began, we have become like family, having joint dinners, vacations, and a lot of laughs. However, half of the kids have now gone to college, on missions, or moved to Minnesota, and so we aren’t often all home. When we realized that each member of our families were home, we knew we had to do a traditional Todd-Kamalu meal. It was so nice to spend time with my second family!




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