One of the things we were told before we moved to Minnesota, is that we were going to freeze. A year and a half later, I can honestly say that it really isn’t that bad. In fact, I actually really like the cold, I love the snow, and I have enjoyed my cozy winters. But when the temperature falls to near -50, those days I really enjoy living here.

Let me explain. I am a teacher, and when the temperature is too low to have students walking outside, school gets cancelled. Though this does put a damper on my well thought out lesson schedule, I enjoy doing some of my own learning and experimenting. Plus it feels great to sit in my apartment with a book or a project, and a cup of hot cider when I should be instructing my students on their technique.

Since the start of the year, schools have been cancelled three times, due to terrible cold. And all three times, I’ve had some fun with those deathly temps. The first time, Kyle and I did the boiling water experiment. We boiled a pot of regular water and then tossed it out into the almost -50 windchill. Some water just fell and turned to ice, but most of it evaporated instantly (Take 1). We also tried it with food coloring in the water but it didn’t make much of a difference (Take 2). Some other cold days we had fun blowing bubbles and seeing how long it took for them to freeze (usually around 4 seconds). But all it all, we have had some good fun in the cold.



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