6 + 30 = A Snowshoe Date


After Kyle and I were gifted snowshoes for Christmas, we couldn’t wait to use them. I was lucky enough to use them a couple days after, but once back in Minnesota, we had to wait for a while before being able to pull them out. All the good snowshoe days seemed to be filled with either bad weather or scheduling conflicts. Finally, we decided to set a day that we could go despite all conditions.

We lucked out. The night before we were to go, it snowed 6 inches of beautiful powder! And to make it even better, the temperature rose to a balmy 30 degrees. After getting off of work, we both rushed to get our gear together, drove to our previously decided location and enjoyed walking around for a few hours.

It was a beautiful day! We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Just as we were finishing up, the sun was going down; shimmering on the snow as it sank. We are planning on going again as soon as the temperature rises above 0 degrees again (no, I am not kidding), and we are thinking an overnight trip to a yurt, in the middle of nowhere might be our next exciting adventure. I can’t wait!



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