4 Years Later

Kyle and I have this funny tradition that most couples don’t. We like to look back on our first date and recreate it each year. We were set up on a blind date back in January 2010 by a mutual friend. A couple days before we were scheduled to go out, Kyle sent me a message to check if I was allergic to any food (he was planning on showing off his cooking skills). But, in starting off the conversation, he asked how I was doing. I could have answered fine, but instead I told him how I had just heard my grandpa was in the hospital after a severe heart attack and I was worried about him as he was all the way in the Philippines.

Being the gentleman that he is, Kyle offered to take me out to ice cream to help cheer me up. Twenty minutes later, he was pulling up to my apartment and taking me to get my favorite combo of frosty and fries at the local Wendy’s. We went through the drive through, and then talked in his car as we ate. The food was gone long before our conversation ended.

Looking back now, I have to laugh at the whole situation. I had just gotten back from a long day of dancing; had no makeup on, hair in a bun, and was still wearing my dance clothing. That was not the best impression to give him on our first date. But, it started an eternal conversation, and one that I am most grateful for.


So, each year, on January 21st, we have to make a trip to Wendy’s. We get the same thing, frosty and fries, and sit in our car and talk. Even though that first date was not like either of us expected, we love that we have a quirky tradition that is so special to us.


2 thoughts on “4 Years Later

  1. Love it, Jeneca! For years, Randy and I hid cinnamon bears for each other to find because of something he did for me when we were dating–those kinds of things keep marriages strong.


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